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HHC flowers

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HHC, short for Hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol, is a substance that is gaining increasing popularity in the field of herbal supplements due to its beneficial properties. In our online shop category HHC you will find a number of products that contain this substance. Our products are carefully selected with an emphasis on quality and safety.

The aim is that you can take full advantage of the potential benefits of HHC for your well-being and relaxation. Detailed product descriptions will give you a closer look at the specific properties of HHC. So if you are looking for quality products with HHC and want to learn more about their features, you have come to the right place.

Our HHC products are here for you to discover the possible potential of this substance to support your overall well-being.

HHC flowers 

Our HHC flowers, not only smell beautiful, but also look gorgeous and are pleasing to the eye. HHC flowers are revolutionary infused CBD flowers.

Thanks to this method, our flowers retain their beautiful appearance and natural scent.

HHC is applied in a revolutionary method that ensures a dry appearance and even distribution of HHC even into the inner structures of the flower and after HHC application our flowers are not oily or discoloured.

These are high quality cannabis flowers with high HHC content that will give you strong and pleasant effects. Our flowers contain up to 30% HHC.

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