HHC advantageous sets - HHC vape pen 0,5 ml - flavour 2 - Raspberry

HHC advantageous sets 

HHC effects

HHC is known for its beneficial effects that can promote relaxation and well-being. HHC is also valued for its potential in pain management and sleep improvement. Our products are carefully selected with quality and safety in mind so that customers can take full advantage of the benefits of HHC.

HHC cartridges

Our CCELL TH2 EVO HHC cartridge features a ceramic core and mouthpiece to ensure an optimal user experience. The best experience is achieved when combined with our CCELL M3 or M3b Pro battery.

HHC liquid

Our HHC liquids are made with quality ingredients including HHC distillate, terpenes and natural flavours. We offer a variety of liquid flavors. Galaxyways liquids have a variety of effects including promoting sleep, increasing appetite, relieving anxiety and reducing inflammation. The liquids are designed for use in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. The active isomer content of our liquids is always around 72%.

HHC cartridge 1ml

Our HHC cartridges are made of high quality materials and offer an optimal user experience. They have a ceramic core and mouthpiece to ensure comfortable use. They are designed for 510 battery thread. Our HHC cartridges are available in a large variety of flavors, including fruit and cannabis terpenes.


The main difference between THC and HHC is based on their chemical structure. THC has a cyclic structure, while HHC has an open structure. This means that HHC binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain in a different way than THC.

Another difference is their effect on the user. THC is known for its psychoactive effects, which include euphoria, changes in perception and increased appetite. HHC also has psychoactive effects, but they are less intense than those of THC. Many users describe HHC as less narcotic and more relaxing.

HHC experience

HHC is a new cannabinoid that offers similar effects to THC but is legal. It is popular for its beneficial effects on well-being and relaxation. Users praise its less intense psychoactive effects and the high quality of the products. HHC cartridges are made of high-quality materials and offer an optimal user experience.

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