THC-P Cartridge 1 ml


Introducing THC-P, a stronger variant of THC

If for you is THC as a concept and cannabis is primarily associated with medical cannabis, you may have come across THC-P, a new molecule that is significantly more potent than regular THC.

THC-P is short for tetrahydrocannabiphorol, which is significantly stronger than the typical THC found in cannabis.

THC-P effects

The effects of THC-P are much stronger than THC, up to 30 times stronger. This means that even small amounts of this substance can produce a strong and long-lasting effect. Users report strong euphoric feelings, increased appetite and deep relaxation.

THC-P cartridge 

As far as our THC-P cartridges are concerned, the same applies as for the HHC cartridges and HHC-P cartridges, except that they are enriched with 10% THC-P. By adding 10% THC-P, you get a much more intense and longer lasting high. Feel free to try our premium THC-P cartridges 

The cartridges are made with quality and purity in mind, so the cartridges do not contain any diluting solutions (PG/VG) that could affect the taste or quality of the vapor.

Our THC-P 1ml cartridges contain 90% HHC and 10% THC-P distillate.

Made by CCELL, the cartridge is compatible with the large majority of common vape pens, making it easy and convenient to consume anywhere, anytime. Also worth mentioning are the ceramic core and ceramic mouthpiece, which contribute to better performance and longer cartridge life compared to traditional materials.

Product Benefits:

1. Renowned brand: Our THC-P Cartridge is from the renowned brand CCELL, known for its quality and innovation.

2. Quality Materials:Ceramic mouthpieces and heating core offer a clean and consistent flavor with every puff.

3. Wide variety of flavours: our fillers are available in a variety of fine-tuned flavours, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and mood.

4. Strong THC-P content:  90% HHC and 10% THC-P distillate, our cartridge will give you an intense experience that will follow you throughout the day

5. Compatibility: Our cartridge is compatible with 510 threaded devices so you can easily connect it to most common vaporizers.

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