THC-P advantageous sets - THC-P cartridge 1 ml - flavor 2 - Watermelon


Introducing THC-P, a stronger variant of THC

If THC and the concept of cannabis is primarily associated with medicinal use, you may have come across THC-P, a new molecule that is significantly more potent than regular THC.

THC-P is short for tetrahydrocannabiphorol, which is significantly stronger than the typical THC found in cannabis.

THC-P effects

The effects of THC-P are much stronger than THC, up to 30 times stronger. This means that even small amounts of this substance can produce a strong and long-lasting effect. Users report strong euphoric feelings, increased appetite and deep relaxation.

Cartridge filled with liquid 

As for our THC-P cartridges, our cartridges are the CCELL TH2 EVO model and offer a number of benefits. In addition to not clogging due to larger intake holes, they are also made with a surgical steel body for increased durability and longevity. The ceramic mouthpiece ensures comfortable use, while the overall design of the cartridges is optimized for better suction and non-clogging. Additionally, we added a ceramic core for efficient heat transfer. This combination of features makes our CCELL TH2 EVO HHC cartridges the ideal choice for those who is looking for a quality and reliable solution.

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